Your indispensable guide to HF propagation for the new sunspot cycle!
You'll get both the 8.5 X ll Paperback and Book on CD!
Fully updated and expanded to include the latest propagation forecasting tools, as well as our time-tested "analog" tables for making your own customized predictions, the 4th edition of The CQ Shortwave Propagation Handbook is a must-have resource for any DXer, contester or emergency communicator.
This 208-page, full-color title explains the many ways in which radio signals can travel long distances and how to use this knowledge to maximize your DX success. Also includes sections on low-frequency and VHF/UHF propagation in addition to its main focus on shortwave (HF) propagation.
Finally, it's all in plain English with a focus on practical applications,making it a valuable reference for the ham radio DXer as well as well as the ionospheric scientist and anyone in between.
This fourth edition was spearheaded by propagation authority Carl Luetzelschwab, K9LA, merging his updates with the earlier work of the previous editions' authors, Dr. Theodore Cohen,N4XX, George Jacobs, W3ASK, and Robert Rose, K6GKU (SK)