VHF, Summits and More - Having Fun with Ham Radio By Bob Witte, K0NR
This 234 page book is an easy-to-understand introduction to VHF/UHF ham radio, including practical tips for getting on the air and having fun messing around with radios. Learn about FM, SSB, repeaters, equipment, band plans, phonetics, portable operating, Summits On The Air (SOTA) activations and more. Included within you'll find a compilation of the best articles from the k0nr.com website plus some brand-new material. The first section explains VHF/UHF concepts via tutorial articles such as “VHF FM Operating Guide,” “Getting Started on 2m SSB” and “How to Work a VHF Contest.” The second section includes blog posts from the k0nr.com website, such as “Choose Your 2m Frequency Wisely,” “VHF Grid Locators,” “Phonetic Alphabets” and “VHF FM: The Utility Mode.” The final section helps the reader understand mountaintop operating, especially Summits On The Air (SOTA) activations, including operating tips and trip reports.